TESOL Mexico what to bring to teach English in MexicoSo you’ve chosen a city and are ready to go look for a TESOL job in Mexico. You will need:

Money – TESOL Mexico

Bring enough money for hotels, food, and transportation while you search and then wait for the job. The visa process right now is a quick 3 weeks. The visa costs 2,500 pesos – about $200. A cheap hotel is around 200 pesos – between 10 and 15 dollars. If you stay longer than a week you can negotiate a better rate. Food and transportation are cheap too – 3 pesos (less than 25 cents) for the metro and busses in D.F.

A Suit – TESOL Mexico

Mexicans dress well and judge you on how you look. Nice shoes too. If you’d rather wear a dress, be conservative. Get a haircut, lose the piercings, trim the beard, etc. Hopefully once you are hired, you can dress more casually. If you don’t have or can’t afford a suit or nice shoes, maybe buy them in Mexico where they are cheaper. You will use them again at all the weddings to which you are bound to be invited.

Electronics – TESOL Mexico

Not an essential, but, unlike the suit, don’t wait for Mexico to buy a laptop, camera, flat screen TV, etc – they are more expensive here. This doesn’t apply for cell phones, however, which are very affordable. The cheapest cell phone is 300 pesos and you pay as you go.

Documentation – TESOL Mexico

The rest of what you will need are documents. Take originals and leave copies at home. Also, you can scan or take digital photos of originals and keep them in your email account.

1. Resume in Spanish (called CV). Put it in a manila folder to give to schools. If you are sending emails, you will need a cover letter in mistake-free Spanish.

2. All your teaching qualifications: your bachelor’s degree, university transcripts, TESOL certificate, etc, in original.

3. Birth Certificate – the original – if you don’t have it, call the hospital where you were born.

4. You will receive a tourist card when you arrive; make sure you keep it. You need it to leave, and you will need it to apply for your FM3, which allows you to work.

5. You won’t need it while interviewing, but to get officially hired, you will need a copy of your rental agreement, your phone bill, or something else like that – ask your employer, and if you are living in a hotel, don’t worry, not having one won’t be a deal-breaker.

Anything else you think you need, you can probably get cheaper in Mexico.

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