TESOL China – Tourist Visa vs Work Visa

TESOL China RecruitmentMany recent TESOL graduates cannot decide between using a recruiter or going to China on their own. We asked one of our graduates about his experience and he provided the following advice:

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TEFL: Adapting to Life in China

Adaptation blog- teaching English in ChinaTaking the plunge to teach English in China required an entire lifestyle and mental overhaul. Here are a few things I learned within the first months of arrival:

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TESOL China: Culture Shock

TESOL China Culture ShockMy experiences as a Canadian living and working in China are different from most: I am a Canadian of Chinese descent – I LOOK Chinese, but I behave like a Canadian. This duality was advantageous at times, but it has also been the source of immense grief and frustration. The perspective from which I write this blog series on teaching in China will be from a Chinese-Canadian perspective, but I will try to include perspectives from the typical (i.e. Caucasian) foreigner whenever possible.

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