TESOL Korea: What To Do For Fun!

Jeju Island TESOL South KoreaThis next post is about all the fun you’re going to have teaching English in South Korea! There are the regular options like movies or dance clubs, but there are some things that Korea does like no place else, so read on!

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TEFL Visa Part 3

In my previous two blogs I described the process of applying for the FM3 visa. Organize your documents, look at the website, find out where the immigration office in your state is (probably the capital), get as much info as you can, and then dress nice and go to the office with all your paperwork and more.

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TESOL Certificate Graduates Enjoy Great Benefits in Saudi Arabia

Most North American English teachers working in Saudi Arabia are paid rather well, compared to those teaching in other counties. Rather than salary level, some of the differences you may notice between various job offers are: grade level, location of the school, number of weekly classroom contact hours, and the time of day you would most likely be working.

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Try delicious Spanish foods when teaching English in SpainThe food in Spain is incredible. I love the way they make things so simple yet so rich. Tapas, or pintxos, are a typical appetizer people have along with a glass of wine or a pint of beer. They consists of a crepe stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, and bacon, and then set on top of a slice of baguette with a little sauce on top, jamon serano (Spanish ham), tomato sauce, and croquettes which are like jalapeño poppers in the US only with out the jalapeño. There are a variety of croquettes that you can order. Some are filled with cheeses, ham, pork, mushrooms, or things like that. They are really delicious.

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Teach English in Thailand: Zones and Jobs

TEFL jobs ThailandSo you chose to teach English in Thailand and you’ve got offers from all over the country. You’ve got your solid personality, a TESOL certificate, and maybe some teaching experience. Where should you go?

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TEFL China: Visa, Vaccines, and More!!

Work Visa TEFL China You should not teach English in China without the work visa.  The government is now cracking down on foreigners working illegally in China, and, as a result, the school may ask you to get a work visa prior to your arrival in order to avoid paying hefty fines. Many schools, like English First, will help you get the work visa. If the school will not help you out, then read this blog.

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TEFL Australia: Finding the Right Job

TEFL Australia: Teaching English in Australia TESOL jobsFinding a good TESOL job in Australia was crucial for enjoying my year abroad. Interviews #2-#5 happened rather simultaneously, and unfortunately not all Sydney schools were as reputable and professional as was my first in Manly. Some of the schools were great, while others, less than stellar. In this article, I will tell you how to avoid the bad schools!

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TEFL Thailand: Job Hunting

TEFL Thailand TEFL job huntingAlright! You’ve decided to teach English in Thailand. Now what? Job hunting in Thailand requires getting well-informed, so go to the library and get a bunch of books on Thailand. Then go online and start searching for jobs. People have been teaching ESL in Thailand for a while now and you will not have any trouble searching out loads of opportunities and reviews as well as expert advice. It can be a bit overwhelming, but simply put in some time and all the BS will start to fade away. Soon you’ll be able to scan the whole country for job openings on a daily basis from the remote comfort of basically wherever you want to be.

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TESOL Thailand: What Makes Thailand a Top Destination?

TESOL Thailand Teaching English in Thailand Most people who came to teach English in Thailand came here for the same reason: to find their small piece of paradise; to stumble on a remote sandy beach with that sunny non-contrast of powder white sand and crystal turquoise water, to follow a jungle path up to a tree house at the edge of a jungle lake where there are elephants swimming, or to doze off in a hammock in the shade with a beverage and some friends on your own private island. People find these things in Thailand.

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TESOL Spain: Getting Ready For The Hiring Season

TESOL job hunting in Spain - Teaching English in SpainGetting ready to teach English in Spain? October is when all English classes start in Spain. Everyone starts school in September, then the parents get settled in to the routines of getting their kids to school and to any type of extracurricular activities. Midway into September, their kids have a lot of English homework and need some professional help. This is when they realize that they need to put their children in an English academy in the evenings or call the academy from the previous year, so this is why all the academies get busy in October and not in September when the actual school year starts. Read more