TEFL Japan: A Day in The Life of a Conversational School Teacher

TEFL Japan teaching conversational English English Conversation is a big TEFL market in Japan, so the question that people who want to teach English in Japan ask themselves is what to expect as a conversational teacher. In this article I will give you a run-down of a typical day as a conversational teacher.

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TEFL New Zealand

Auckland is a very cosmopolitan city and is the largest city in New Zealand. It is also the city with the largest population of Pacific Islanders in the world. My students often comment that they hadn’t expected to see a large Asian population here. The largest segment of the population are European New Zealanders  “Kiwis” . The “natives” are the Maori, who arrived here 800 years ago. English is the most common language followed by Korean,Mandarin, and Maori.

The population is just over 4 million. As a result, there is a higher demand for ESL teachers than Australia and the requirement for TESOL certification isn’t as strict, but a minimum of a 100-hour TESOL certificate is recommended.

TESOL Certificate Graduates Enjoy Great Benefits in Saudi Arabia

Most North American English teachers working in Saudi Arabia are paid rather well, compared to those teaching in other counties. Rather than salary level, some of the differences you may notice between various job offers are: grade level, location of the school, number of weekly classroom contact hours, and the time of day you would most likely be working.

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TEFL Spain: Enjoying The Lifestyle

About teaching English in Spain

I love teaching English in Spain! Everything is so close. I have been to Portugal, France, and of course Spain. I would like to add Morocco, Germany, England, Ireland, and the Netherlands to that list. We will see how far the money from teaching gets me and if I have enough time. As of right now, I’m teaching at an academy and offering private lessons for 20 euro an hour. The TESOL certificate I completed at OnTESOL certainly helped me get the right job.

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TEFL Japan: A Day in The Life of an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)

TEFL Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher ALTThe typical day of an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) starts much earlier than that of a conversational school teacher and some prefer it that way. You usually arrive at school by 8AM. In 99% of the cases, you will have your own desk within the office for you to prepare for class. Greeting the staff with a simple “ohayo” or good morning is recommended.

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TEFL Japan: The First Step

TESOL jobs Japan Starting your TESOL careerWith the great number of opportunities in Japan floating all over the internet theses days, it might seem a bit daunting to get a grasp of where to start. I want to introduce you to a few and notable companies that would make an excellent first stepping-stone on your TESOL journey in the land of the rising sun.

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TESOL Germany: My First Teaching Job

TESOL Germany Teaching English Freelance teacher GermanyAs the weeks slowly went by and I was starting to get more and more nervous about my visa, I finally received an answer from one of the schools I have applied. The name of the school was Sprachkunst im Luisenhof. It was located right in the middle of my city in a beautiful little square right next to an outdoor Greek restaurant.

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TEFL Germany: My Journey

TEFL Germany It was October of 2010 when I sold my car, quit my job, and bought my plane ticket. It came to a point in my life where I just had to simply “do it”. On November 16th I flew into Frankfurt, Germany and headed east to Kassel where my girlfriend lived. I had little money ( I refused to touch the money I got for my car in case something happened) and no idea where I was going to get a TESOL job in Germany. All I knew was that I had made a huge decision and I needed to make it work.

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New Zealand Work Permit

The first thing you should do about the work visa is contact www <>. On this web site, you can find out what sort of visa is available to you, which will depend on the agreement your country has with New Zealand. Many of you will be eligible for a work/ holiday visa for a one year stay. Alternatively, you could apply for jobs at ESL schools and ask them to sponsor a work visa for you.

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How I Found My First TESOL Job in Spain

Before I went to Spain I started planning. I booked my ticket and a few months in advance I began scouring the internet for TEFL or TESOL jobs in Spain. This search produced a staggering amount of results, so it was very time consuming to weed out the good from the bad.

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