Communicative Approach TESOL Saudi ArabiaTeaching English with the Communicative Approach has worked very well in Saudi Arabia.  One good thing at my college here is that we are not required to limit ourselves to the standard textbook in our classrooms. Try thinking of the textbook as only a tool or a starting point. I use my imagination to improve the textbook with communicative lesson plans, and authentic materials that relate to the students’ own interests seem much more effective than old ESL textbooks.

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TEFL Germany JobsUnfortunately one freelance job is not enough to get your visa where I am located. I was told that I would be responsible for obtaining one more line of work, so I looked for business English jobs in Bochum since these are the best paid jobs in the city.

Luckily I received an interview quickly. The administration was pleased with me and decided to write me the necessary letter I needed to provide the Immigration office.

Recommended TESOL certification for Germany-

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