OnTESOL Review: TESOL Certificate Graduate in Germany

OnTESOL review - TESOL certification Graduate in Germany Many schools in Germany do not ask for TESOL or TEFL certification. I got the job, yes, but without having gone through a proper teacher training course, my hours were scarce and I was very unprepared when my first student came by.

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TESOL Saudi Arabia: Students, Co-Workers, and Challenges

TESOL Saudi Arabia StudentsMy Saudi students remind me of people I have taught in the United States. There is no typical Saudi college student. You will find the more serious English student and the the inevitable class clown. As one would expect, there are many cultural differences. For instance, classes consist of all male or all female students. My students have already graduated from a two-year technical college program, in various disciplines; most thus fall in an age range of 22 to 24 years old.

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