TESOL UAE: Resource Selection and Implementation in The ESL/EFL Classroom

TESOL Dubai TESOL Al Ain TESOL Abu Dhabi The use of authentic material in the ESL classroom is a well recognized best practice founded on the idea that students will be more interested and consequently learn more when presented with texts that are more relevant to their daily lives, more current in the treatment of the subject matter, and more closely aligned to the students’ interests and ambitions.

Free TESOL training: How to Use Authentic Material in Beginner Classrooms

Free TESOL training: How to Supplement the Textbook with Authentic Material


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TESOL South Korea: Transportation

South Korea BusPublic transportation in South Korea is great in a lot of ways. It’s generally cheap, quick, and reliable. Subways operate in only a few major cities. By far the most extensive metro system is in Seoul, with several very long and interconnecting lines. You must buy a T-money card from a kiosk in or near a subway station, then load money onto it at the station agent’s window or at an automated machine (these operate in English and Korean, the station agent may not). You tap the card at the turnstile to enter the subway, and tap it again on your way out once you’ve reached your destination, and your card is charged based on distance travelled. The subways operate until roughly midnight, a bit later on weekends.

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TEFL Korea: Shopping

Shopping in South Korea - TESOL South Korea bogGrocery shopping can be done at large chains like Homeplus (owned by the British company Tesco), Grandmart, or E-Mart. They are a lot like Walmart and offer a mix of clothing, housewares, and food (Mostly Korean with a bit of foreign produce). In smaller towns such large chains may not be available, in which case you will probably find a small H-Mart or other grocery store selling mostly Korean products. A great way to try out local food and get fresh produce is to shop at outdoor markets. NamDaeMun (pictured below) is a big one in Seoul. Most other cities have similar outdoor markets for food, clothing, gifts, and other miscellaneous items.

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TEFL Visa for Mexico, Applying for the FM3 (pt 2)

Since April 30, 2010, the resident card you get comes with a letter which states that you can work anywhere in a specific field, such as education or engineering. With the card and letter you can work wherever you want in the field of education. This is a new change, which is great, because once you get the card you aren’t stuck teaching at the job that hires you, and you can quit or take a second or even third job. Also, it allows you to work anywhere in the country, not just the state of the school that hired you.

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TEFL Japan: Work Visa

work permit teaching English in JapanThere are many ways to go about getting a work permit to teach English in Japan. If you decide to sign up with any of the big companies, such as AEON or Interac, from your home country, they will most likely take care of everything for you. You will just have to fill out some forms and submit them to your city’s Japanese Embassy. There wouldn’t be much to worry about because your company will have you covered. Most private companies hire teachers using overseas recruiters rather than people who are already in Japan, so your best bet would be to get the job plus visa before you head off to Japan. Read more

TESOL Thailand: What Makes Thailand a Top Destination?

TESOL Thailand Teaching English in Thailand Most people who came to teach English in Thailand came here for the same reason: to find their small piece of paradise; to stumble on a remote sandy beach with that sunny non-contrast of powder white sand and crystal turquoise water, to follow a jungle path up to a tree house at the edge of a jungle lake where there are elephants swimming, or to doze off in a hammock in the shade with a beverage and some friends on your own private island. People find these things in Thailand.

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TEFL Spain: Private Tutoring

TEFL Spain Private TutoringAs far as teaching private lessons goes, I am relatively new but I can definitely say that I am learning quickly. I began posting flyers all over town on the stop signs, bus stops, cross walks, metro stop, and announcement boards. I think you really have to be strategic about where you put your flyers. For example, if you put your flyer on a street lamp on a small alley near your house I can almost guarantee it will only get looked a hand full of times. Whereas if you tape your sign right next to the entrance of the metro it will get looked at hundreds of times and you are very likely to get some investigative calls.

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