Teaching English in ItalyGiovanna Cardi has been teaching English in Italy since 2011 and she completed the 120-hour TEFL certificate course with OnTESOL in 2014. We asked her to tell us a little about her experience as an ESL teacher in Italy in order to help new teachers prepare for the job. In this Q&A, Giovanna answered everything that new teachers wonder about the job hunting process and she told us how studying for her TESOL certification helped her become a better teacher.

What drove you to teach English in Italy?

My family is Italian and moved to Canada many years ago. I traveled to Torino wanting to discover my roots. Teaching English in Italy was a practical work option for my stay and has now become my full-time job for 3 years.

Can you describe the process of applying for TESOL jobs?

I researched English schools online and sent my CV via email. Late September, October is a good time to apply for jobs. At the time, I did not have any teaching experience or TESOL certification, so it took me a few weeks to get my first job.

What would you do differently if you had to apply for jobs again?

I would apply for TESOL jobs in person, as I believe many of my emails got lost in cyber space. Also, when you applied in person I could talk with the school director and get a better sense of what my day would be like at the school.

Do you have any interview tips for new teachers interested in going to Italy?

Native ESL teachers are quite sought-after here. It was easy for me to find a job once I got to Italy.

How did the TESOL course help you improve as a teacher?

The TESOL course definitely helped me organize my lessons in a way that made more sense. I would say my lessons are much more efficient and well-rounded. I used to follow the textbook, but now the activities are much more interactive and students seem to enjoy more because I use various resources like newspaper articles and songs.

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