3 Ways A TESOL Course by OnTESOL Will Make You A Better Teacher

How the TESOL certificate worksThere is no doubt that teaching English can be a challenging job. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can manage your classroom effectively and with ease. In this article I’m going to talk about three ways the 120-hour TESOL certificate course offered by OnTESOL prepared me really well for teaching English in Toronto.

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My Experience Volunteering Abroad

My TEFL internship experienceMy first experience teaching overseas was in the Andes of Ecuador in a small rural town. I had just completed my BA and I wanted to explore a part of the world that was new to me, considered to be “off the beaten path.” I arranged my trip with a volunteer abroad company that charged me a lot of money to complete a 6 month TEFL internship. I assumed I would pick up the skill of teaching English quite easily without any prior experience or TEFL certification! Boy, was I wrong!

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How to Prepare for a TESOL Job Interview

how to prepare for a TESOL job inteviewLike all job interviews, TESOL interviews require some time and preparation to ensure you put your best self forward. Based on my experience as an ESL teacher in Ecuador and Toronto, I can speak first hand about what is required and what NOT to do before an interview for a TESOL job.

TESOL Jobs! Get Free Job Placement by OnTESOL

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The Challenges of Teaching Abroad Without TESOL Certification

Teaching abroad without TESOL certificationThe first time I attempted to teach English abroad was under a mango tree in Uganda. The students were aged from four to sixteen and I was instructed to teach them English, based purely on the fact that I am English, and the assumption that I would therefore be able to pass my knowledge onto others. This approach to education, whilst fun, is conducive to neither good teaching nor the education of the students. The main part of my lesson consisted of waving plastic, coloured plates, and encouraging the students to shout out the correct colours. This first class sums up my initial approach to teaching – it was a vehicle which would allow me to travel and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I continued to teach English without TESOL certification and the challenges only got worse as the job required more from me.

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How Would I Do It Differently If I Could Go Back?

teaching English abroad - Experienced teacher abroadIf you intend on teaching English, you are on a good path. My advice is that you learn from others who have gone before you. Find out what they loved and loathed about teaching abroad, and what they wish they had done differently.  If I was to go back and start all over again, I would do three main things differently.

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Why Take the Practicum Before Your First Teaching Job

Teaching Practice Teaching English CanadaI took the 120-hour advanced TESOL course in need of a career change. I didn’t expect to do that well on the grammar and methodology modules. Yet, to excel on an assignment is one thing, teaching English in context is very much another. As a new teacher I am starting from scratch and a classroom is a new and foreign place. In taking the practicum, what once seemed like new and foreign territory, became a thrilling place to stand up, discover skills I never knew I had and to empower others on their learning journey.

The first day jitters were very real. I was mostly nervous about my ability to teach and explain grammar, as many new teachers are.  I’m not going to sugarcoat it, the practicum requires lengthy and in depth preparation, but this is what will make you a better teacher! I was also fearful because I had no idea what kind of support I would receive from my supervising teacher or from the school. My fears were dispelled as the practicum became an opportunity to receive a tremendous amount of guidance and support from real and experienced teachers who wanted to help me to do my best!

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What I Love About Teaching English in Toronto

Teach English in Toronto After many years traveling and teaching abroad, I decided to transition into a more settled life to teach English in my home town of Toronto, Ontario. When I lived abroad, I absolutely loved traveling from one country to the next every nine months. The benefits were abundant! I lived with the locals, I learned two languages and explored as many sites and as many mountaintops as I could! This being said, there came a point when being the foreigner began to lose its charm. Home was calling my name and I began to develop a deep curiosity and yearning for my own culture and to explore my own backyard. The first things I noticed were how sleeping in my own bed never felt so good and all the places there are to experience here in Ontario that I had never noticed before. Most importantly, the most amazing thing about teaching English in Toronto is that it offers you a little bit of everything, helping you to realize that you have everything you enjoyed abroad, right in your own backyard! Below is a list of experiences to appreciate about teaching English in Toronto:

-Clare completed the 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate with Practicum, recognized by TESL Canada.

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5 Reasons to Teach English in China with Aston English

Teach English in China with AstonThere are two types of TESOL jobs in China. You will find the poorly paid TEFL internship and the professional job with promising career prospects. It doesn’t matter if you are a new teacher, you can get an entry-level professional job in China with one of the largest language schools. These are 5 reasons to teach English in China with Aston English.

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TEFL Job Placement Package in Asia with Free TEFL Certificate

TEFL Job Placement Package in Asia with TEFL CertificateSchool started but you still have time to apply to teach English in Asia. September to early December is the best time to apply for TESOL jobs in Asia! Many teach abroad programs hire thousands of teachers on an annual basis, so they start hiring early.  It’s ok if you haven’t completed your TESOL / TEFL course. You can apply now and send the TESOL / TEFL certificate when it’s time to process your work visa.

Apply for paid teaching jobs abroad now! OnTESOL has hundreds of positions for certified teachers. Your TEFL job placement package includes a free 120-hour TEFL certificate course!

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7 Ways to Gain Experience as an ESL Teacher

Teaching English to kindergarten kids I remember walking into a classroom in South Korea for the very first time to watch someone else teaching, thinking, ‘how will I do that?’ The teacher was confident, he joked with his students, and they didn’t seem to mind being in class – a far cry from my experience of school as a teenager. I remember being in class and thinking that teachers were another species, entirely disconnected from myself and my classmates.

Despite being nervous, I settled in quickly and it wasn’t long before I felt at ease at the front of the classroom. As someone who is not naturally confident, my experiences before I started teaching definitely helped me gain experience that was both valuable for obtaining a job and for real-life teaching situations. Here are a few ways that you can either gain experience or improve yourself as a future English teacher.

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