Australian Expatriate: Teaching English in Vietnam

Why I Chose to Teach English in Vietnam

By Andrew McGuiness – Teaching English in Vietnam with a 100-hour TESOL Certificate

Teaching English in Vietnam with an OnTESOL TESOL certificateMost people take up teaching English as a way of supporting themselves while they live in a foreign country, and I was no exception. I had finished my PhD thesis and passed the viva and now I had to make some corrections to it – which mainly meant reading three or four books and vamping up the literature review. In Australia, I was working as an underpaid furniture removalist and couldn’t find time to work on my thesis corrections. I expected (and still do) to get a research position, but I knew that the lead time on applications meant it would be nine to 12 months before I was able to take one up. My wife and I were interested in Asia (where it’s possible for a new ESL teacher to get work) and we wanted to give our child the experience of living in a different culture while still young. We decided on Vietnam.

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10 Years Teaching English in New Zealand

Why did I come to New Zealand to teach English? Ten years ago, at home in Colorado, I answered an advert that was for a job in Human Resources. It read “Live and work in an English speaking paradise”, I would never have guessed that ten years later I would be teaching British English and Business English here in New Zealand. My first work visa was for a Human Resource specialist, now I can’t imagine doing anything but teaching. I have been fortunate to work for the same London owned school for ten years. Read more

Why I Chose to Teach English in Spain!

Teaching English in Spain TEFL In my blog series I will write about teaching English in Spain. I hope to provide you with valuable advice on cultural adaptation, job hunting, and teaching.

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TEFL Taiwan: Adaptation

TEFL Taiwan By William Van Luven – Teaching English in Taiwan

TEFL Taiwan AdaptationI came to Taipei, Taiwan, on August 27, 2010. After packing up and leaving home several times in the past decade, to travel and live abroad, I found this particular departure easier to deal with. In the past, this was not the case.

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My TESOL Journey: Teaching English in Mexico

My TESOL Career – ESL Teacher in Mexico

In the summer of 2002, about a month after graduating university and a week after the first ever Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee, I flew to Korea to teach ESL in an industrial suburb of Seoul. Possessing only about 200 cash and a backpack full of clothes and camping gear, I was fortunate to work for a good school run by an honest, helpful boss – not the case for many in the same circumstance.

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