TEFL China: Accommodation, Salary, Part-Time Jobs and Taxes

TEFL China accommodationI found my first job teaching English to first year students at a government-run college in the heart of the city of Guangzhou. The school was great, the salary was pretty good for the number of hours I had to teach, and they offered free accommodation! One of the reasons people choose to teach English in China is that schools provide foreign teachers with paid accommodation, but I’m going to tell you how to negotiate a higher salary and find a better place!

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TEFL Mexico: Applying for the FM3 (pt 1)

FM3 visa Teach English in MexicoSo now you’ve interviewed all over town, weighed your options, and finally chosen a job. Now for the really fun part – applying for your FM3 temporary residence card.

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TEFL Japan: Work Visa

work permit teaching English in JapanThere are many ways to go about getting a work permit to teach English in Japan. If you decide to sign up with any of the big companies, such as AEON or Interac, from your home country, they will most likely take care of everything for you. You will just have to fill out some forms and submit them to your city’s Japanese Embassy. There wouldn’t be much to worry about because your company will have you covered. Most private companies hire teachers using overseas recruiters rather than people who are already in Japan, so your best bet would be to get the job plus visa before you head off to Japan. Read more

Teach English in Thailand: Zones and Jobs

TEFL jobs ThailandSo you chose to teach English in Thailand and you’ve got offers from all over the country. You’ve got your solid personality, a TESOL certificate, and maybe some teaching experience. Where should you go?

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TESOL South Korea: A Look at Hagwons, Public Schools, and English Villages

Teach English in South Korea - Hagwons, EPIK, English VillagesAre you ready to teach English in South Korea?! There are basically 3 kinds of teaching opportunities: hagwons (English academies), public schools (EPIK), and English villages. Each has advantages and disadvantages over the others, depending on your list of priorities.

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TEFL Saudi Arabia: Regions and Culture

Regions and culture to TEFL in Saudi ArabiaPerhaps the best way to choose where to teach English in Saudi Arabia – in a physical sense – is to examine each of its regions individually: western, southern, eastern, and central. But first, an overview: the Arabian Peninsula is located in the extreme southwest corner of Asia, an area sometimes referred to as Asia Minor. Within the boundaries of Saudi Arabia, one finds about 80% of the Peninsula’s land mass.

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TEFL China: Visa, Vaccines, and More!!

Work Visa TEFL China You should not teach English in China without the work visa.  The government is now cracking down on foreigners working illegally in China, and, as a result, the school may ask you to get a work visa prior to your arrival in order to avoid paying hefty fines. Many schools, like English First, will help you get the work visa. If the school will not help you out, then read this blog.

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TEFL Japan: A Day in The Life of an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)

TEFL Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher ALTThe typical day of an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) starts much earlier than that of a conversational school teacher and some prefer it that way. You usually arrive at school by 8AM. In 99% of the cases, you will have your own desk within the office for you to prepare for class. Greeting the staff with a simple “ohayo” or good morning is recommended.

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TEFL Australia: Finding the Right Job

TEFL Australia: Teaching English in Australia TESOL jobsFinding a good TESOL job in Australia was crucial for enjoying my year abroad. Interviews #2-#5 happened rather simultaneously, and unfortunately not all Sydney schools were as reputable and professional as was my first in Manly. Some of the schools were great, while others, less than stellar. In this article, I will tell you how to avoid the bad schools!

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TEFL Japan: Packing

TEFL Japan Packing tipsBefore I left for Japan, I had a really tough time deciding what to pack and what I could do without. I am sure your parents and relatives will be sending you care packages, so don’t worry too much about the details and plan based on your own daily needs. Here is a helpful list that I came up with.

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