New Zealand Work Permit

The first thing you should do about the work visa is contact www <>. On this web site, you can find out what sort of visa is available to you, which will depend on the agreement your country has with New Zealand. Many of you will be eligible for a work/ holiday visa for a one year stay. Alternatively, you could apply for jobs at ESL schools and ask them to sponsor a work visa for you.

TESOL Jobs New Zealand

In New Zealand, immigration has a list of jobs that are professions unfilled by the workforce. ESL teachers may be on this list from time to time and your application for a work visa may be fast-tracked. To get a work visa you must pass a medical exam and have chest x-rays that are no more than six months old. You will need a current C.V. as well as originals of your qualifications.

English schools in New Zealand are qualified by the Ministry of Education authority N.Z.Q.A. and some schools belong to a charter group called English New Zealand. Both require a TESOL certificate, a university degree in a related field, and teaching experience or a combination of these basic requirements.

The first thing to do upon arrival is to apply for an I.R.D. number because in order to be paid in New Zealand you must have a tax number as you must pay taxes from you first day of employment, unlike some countries you will not receive any tax payed back upon departure. This all being said, New Zealand red tape is minimal and very easy to navigate your way through in person or on line.