Teaching English in Turkey OnTESOL ReviewTurkey is a beautiful country and the culture is fascinating. The schools are new with smart boards in every classroom. If teachers bring laptops, they can use them for lessons. The Turkish staff seems genuinely interested in helping the English program succeed. They ask for input on a regular basis with the goal of improving their relationship with foreigners and making Turkey a desirable placement for ESL teachers. In this blog, I will share some valuable classroom management tips.

By Jennifer Meeks – Completed the 120-hour TEFL certificate course with TEYL specialization  

Teaching English to Young Learners in Turkey

I teach first, third, and fourth grade students. This is my first ESL teaching position and sometimes the behavior of students is tough to manage. There is a ten minute break in between every forty minute class, where students are allowed to get snacks and drinks from the canteen, as well as run through the halls, up and down the stairs, and outside without guidelines or rules. They are very physical toward one another and this filters into the classroom. It takes a long time to settle down and has led to an overall decrease in attention span. I teach in an extremely conservative and expensive private school, so I am not sure what it would be like in a public school. Some of the friends I have made here, who have taught ESL in other countries (and even other schools here in Turkey), have shared similar opinions.

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Be Physical and Avoid Rote Memorization

Get your students tired early by making them walk to the board or play a game. Class warmers are great with the young students because they are useful to introduce a topic in a fun way. The students respect you more and have your attention for the whole class. The key is not to bore them with rote memorization activities! I keep the class interesting with videos and audio, and I make them move in later stages of the lesson. Learning how to use the Communicative Approach and Task-based Learning with OnTESOL helped me plan engaging lessons.

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