How to Avoid TEFL Internships and Cram Schools in China!

Internships in ChinaA bad teaching experience can really ruin all the beautiful things that China has to offer. There are thousands of amazing jobs that become available every month, so there aren’t any reasons to be crammed in a classroom with 50 students or to pay an organization an TEFL internship fee. You can get a great teaching job at an international or local language school. TESOL jobs at language schools pay a starting salary of 7,000 rmb per month, which is twice as much what a TEFL internship in China offers. And besides, you don’t have to pay anyone a single penny to get your teaching job!

Why Work at a Language School in China?

Apart from better job conditions and pay, teaching English at a language school in China will help you advance in your career. Language schools provide many career advancement opportunities in teaching or administration. If you want to teach in another country, your experience in a reputable language school counts more than a cram school or an internship. For example, if you want to continue your TESOL career when you return home, you will be teaching immersion programs at a language school. Your previous experience will help you get a good job at home and prepare you for the classroom.

Top Language Schools in China

English First is one of the largest organizations in the world and they have many locations throughout China. Aston English has over 120 locations throughout China. Both organizations offer competitive wages and benefits, career advancement opportunities, ongoing training, small classroom environment, and state-of-the-art technologies. Why pay a TEFL internship fee when you can get an excellent job on your own or via our free TEFL job placement service?

TESOL Certification with Young Learners Specialization

A TESOL certification of at least 120 hours is now required to get the work permit in China. Language schools in China need teachers to teach general English to adults and after school classes to children and teenagers. The Advanced TESOL Certificate with Young Learners specialization offered by OnTESOL will give you the training that you need to teach English in China and pursue an international career if you want to continue teaching in other countries or at home. The program is fully online and you can even complete a 20-hour Practicum module in China.

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