OnTESOL review - TESOL certification Graduate in Germany Many schools in Germany do not ask for TESOL or TEFL certification. I got the job, yes, but without having gone through a proper teacher training course, my hours were scarce and I was very unprepared when my first student came by.

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My First TESOL Job in Germany

My first student was a difficult one. He was a private student who wanted to learn English in two weeks, so he booked ten days worth of eight hour lessons in hopes that he could become an excellent speaker, just like that. This being my first time working with someone, I was nervous. I had no idea what to do. I did research and stayed up all night trying to figure out lesson plans and how to go about doing my job. At the same time I had it in the back of my head that without this job I had nothing, which really can add a lot of stress on a teacher.

Luckily I am a pretty smart guy and figured out how to organize the class. My only problem was delivery. I was having trouble with talking to my student and having the confidence to tell him what to do. I was a 20 year old kid and he was a 56 year old business executive with years of leadership under his belt. I started to let him tell me what he needed and that sort of went to him directing the class. I knew what he needed yet I was too nervous to go against what he wanted. After the two weeks were over he complained and said that I lacked the experience necessary to teach him. I agreed and promised my boss that I would work even harder and that I would not let the company down.

Teaching English in Germany with TESOL Certification

I enrolled in OnTESOL’s  TESOL Certificate course and things started getting better somehow. I gained the confidence I needed to direct my students and train them. I discovered different ways of getting what I wanted from them. I learned the techniques that I use now and will continue to use in the future. OnTESOL’s  course is great for anyone who has little experience in teaching. The course made feel as if I was on a fast track to becoming a professional teacher. It takes dedication and communication on your part, but with the help of your tutor, you can make it all happen! I am now living a perfect life, teaching, traveling and just enjoying my experience in this new and beautiful country.

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