TESOL UAE: Resource Selection and Implementation in The ESL/EFL Classroom

TESOL Dubai TESOL Al Ain TESOL Abu Dhabi The use of authentic material in the ESL classroom is a well recognized best practice founded on the idea that students will be more interested and consequently learn more when presented with texts that are more relevant to their daily lives, more current in the treatment of the subject matter, and more closely aligned to the students’ interests and ambitions.

Free TESOL training: How to Use Authentic Material in Beginner Classrooms

Free TESOL training: How to Supplement the Textbook with Authentic Material


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TESOL Al Ain: Adjusting to Life in the UAE

TESOL Al Ain - Teaching English in Al Ain with ADEC

In the summer of 2010, my family and I left our longtime home of Vermont to start a new life in the United Arab Emirates. My employer recruited several hundred certified secondary English teachers from around the English-speaking world as part of a broader educational initiative to boost the English, critical thinking, and general academic skills of Emirati students. Faced with an abysmal job market in the US and thrilled at the fine compensation package offered in the UAE, it didn’t take my wife and I long to decide to take a chance and go for it. After almost three years teaching in the UAE, I am still glad we made the choice. This has been an incredible opportunity financially, professionally, and experientially, and having been bit by the bug, I wish nothing else but to continue on the international teaching circuit.

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Teaching English in The UAE: Use of L1 Within The Communicative Approach

Teaching English in the UAE with the Communicative ApproachIn the previous post I talked about how learning Arabic helped me build rapport with my students and manage behavior problems. L1 use in the ESL classroom is not ideal; however, I have found that working with a large class of mixed-ability students in a compulsory educational setting under a singular, prescriptive curriculum has made my Arabic studies all the more vital to my success in the classroom.

   – TESOL Certification United Arab Emirates

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Teaching English in the UAE: Study Arabic to Build Rapport with Your Students!

Teaching English in the UAEWhen I first began studying Arabic, the response from my students and Arab colleagues was resoundingly positive and supportive. They are deeply proud of their language, especially Arab Muslims for whom Arabic (classical Arabic) is the language of the Qur’an, and they love it when foreign teachers attempt to learn the language.

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