TESOL Job Interview TurkeyInterviews for TESOL jobs in Turkey can fall anywhere along a scale from ‘you look Ok, can you teach a class starting an hour from now?’  to a full and detailed trawl through your entire work history. While both of these styles of questioning can and do occur, the majority of interviews will follow a similar path, so it’s good to prepare in advance. These are the typical questions you will be asked, and ideas of how to respond.

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TESOL Turkey - Cultural Sensitivity in the ESL ClassroomWhen it comes to teaching English in Turkey, cultural sensitivity is key!

Teaching Children – TESOL Turkey

Very young children – say, at the preschool level – in Turkey generally have no experience with foreigners, and so may be reluctant or even frightened of their ESL teachers. The good news is that employers don’t generally blame you for this, and so everyone is permitted to find their own way. Once the little children get to know you, however, there may be an excessive comfort level for them. The main reason being that due to traditional belief, parents – and the society in general – expect the teacher to act as both parent and disciplinarian in their absence. Though this trend appears to be changing, it is very common to see children going up to their teachers, hugging and kissing them hello or goodbye, and the Turkish teachers doing the same.

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TESOL Turkey Communicative ApproachIn order to better adapt one’s teaching style for ESL instruction in Turkey, it is necessary to understand the general education system and mentality. Turkey’s education system renders the value of daily education almost moot, as getting from elementary school to high school even requires passing a standardized test. The prep school industry here is huge. This means that no matter how good the education at whatever school, kids still essentially have to make their way through the system by learning from rote. Aside from this, the society is – for the most part – very pragmatic. This means that attempting to engage students in the Communicative Approach takes a little more effort than it normally might.

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-Written by Yasin, 100-hour TESOL Certificate graduate.

Teaching English in Turkey TESOL jobs There are a lot of opportunities in Turkey. ESL teachers will find a large number of private language institutes, private and public schools, and universities that are always looking for good English instructors. As it can be expected, the better your TESOL credentials are, the better the teaching situation will be (Read: TESOL certification Turkey). Read more