TESOL Job Review: Teach English in Turkey with American Life

TESOL job review: Teaching English abroad in TurkeyBeing an ESL teacher gives me the opportunity to travel the world and to have a job in almost every country. I also love how enriching and beautiful it is to teach a student something new, or something that he/she is not familiar with. 

I also enjoy making new friends from around the world and learning from new and different cultures.

It’s best to seize any opportunity which allows you to travel.  I teach English in Turkey or Izmit specifically, because of the diversity that exists in Turkish culture and the country’s beautiful history.

About the Author: Riad Mansouri is currently teaching English with American Life in Izmit, Turkey

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10 Reasons to Teach English in Istanbul

Teach English in IstanbulThe first reason to teach English in Istanbul is that it’s a great place for both new and experienced teachers. Although the size of the city may seem intimidating at first, relocating to a big place does have its advantages for newbies. In this massive metropolis, it’s fairly easy to blend in and get acclimated, especially if it’s your first stint teaching English abroad.   Doing your first stint as an expat in Istanbul allows you to have access to modern conveniences while experiencing an ancient culture, as well. Below you will find 9 more reasons to teach English in Istanbul!

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My Experience Getting a TESOL Job and Teaching English in Istanbul

English teaching job in IstanbulI arrived in the majestic city of Istanbul at the end of a six month hitchhiking journey across Europe with around twenty British pounds to my name. I was immediately captured by the fascinating architecture, mouth watering food, and magical buzz of the city. ‘We could live here,’ I said to the young lady who had given up her life on a whim to travel with me. ‘We could stop for a while and teach English.’ She agreed.

    –Find English Teaching jobs in Turkey

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A Guide to Teaching English in Turkey as a Vegetarian

Teaching English in Turkey Food is a big concern for vegetarian teachers, especially when it comes to traveling outside the big city. Although Turkey is a meat-loving country known throughout the rest of the world for its famous kebabs, it also happens to be a vegetarian’s heaven on Earth. Even the locals may sometimes be confused when you make meat-free requests, but, whether they immediately think of it or not, Turkish cuisine has tons of vegetarian dishes ranging from sweet to savory and back again. You’ll never need to ask for a modified version of a dish, which kicks any chances of confusion out the window. Turks are also highly hospitable and true feeders, meaning you will most likely need to be wheeled out of whichever home or restaurant you dine at. Whether you’re after a big breakfast, a hearty dinner, or a snack while perusing the streets, there will literally be something for every taste on every city corner or household table.

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Teaching English in Turkey After Your OnTESOL Certificate

Teaching English in Turkey after OnTESOL certificationMany language schools in Turkey have a variety of students from all walks of life. This results in a school with many levels, abilities and needs, all in different classrooms with schedules changing daily. The TESOL certification course I completed with OnTESOL provided me with the skills to generate lesson plans fit for any class size and level.

TESOL courses

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Managing Class Behaviour in Turkey

Teaching English in Turkey OnTESOL ReviewTurkey is a beautiful country and the culture is fascinating. The schools are new with smart boards in every classroom. If teachers bring laptops, they can use them for lessons. The Turkish staff seems genuinely interested in helping the English program succeed. They ask for input on a regular basis with the goal of improving their relationship with foreigners and making Turkey a desirable placement for ESL teachers. In this blog, I will share some valuable classroom management tips.

By Jennifer Meeks – Completed the 120-hour TEFL certificate course with TEYL specialization  

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TEFL Turkey: Teaching Pronunciation and Grammar

TEFL Turkey Teaching grammar and pronunciationIn this TEFL Turkey blog, you will learn how to help your students overcome problems with pronunciation, articles, prepositions, and relative clauses.  Knowing what these are will enable you to recognize them when they occur and develop ways of helping students overcome such problems.

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TEFL Turkey: Teaching Grammar

Teaching grammar in TurkeyWhen it comes to teaching grammar in Turkey, you will find that grammatical structures are taught out of context and proficiency is measured through gap fill worksheets. You will find that students are used to a routine in which teachers give a particular rule using a lot of technical terminology and ask students to solve mechanical and monotonous exercises. Whatever age group you teach in Turkey, past classroom experiences will have been based on the rules of grammar and ignored the communicative aspect of language. Consequently, your role as a teacher will be to do a lot of remedial grammar work. First we’ll look at some of the typical problems Turkish students have with grammar, and then consider some effective teaching methods.

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Teaching English to University Students and Adult Learners in Turkey

Teaching English strategies TurkeyTurkish society is going through a period of great transition and the population is experiencing many upheavals. Among these issues is an awareness of the increased opportunities available to those with a decent command of the English language. Consequently, there is a large demand for English teachers in universities and large companies. In this article, I will explain the core strategies and approaches to use when teaching English in Turkey to university students and adult learners..

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TESOL Turkey: Teaching Young Learners and High School Students

Teaching English in Turkey TESOL tipsIf you are a recent TESOL graduate who is interested in teaching English in Turkey, you will see that most entry-level jobs involve teaching young learners or high school students. In this article, I will explore different approaches and techniques that you need to take into consideration with each age group.

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