Teaching English to Young Learners lesson - SwitzerlandThis week I had to stand in for one of the teachers that takes care of young learners (because she was sick). To prepare the class, I followed my tutor’s advice and recommendations and some instructions on the TEYL handbook (and of course TPR, TBL and ALM methodology). I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised about the outcome: the students were engaged 2 hours (non-stop!). It was very nice to see their reaction after the 2 hours when I said that the lesson had ended: “Oh! That’s it?! Already?!”.

Since this experience, I am incorporating TPR also to TBL lessons with older students (to consolidate what we have learned so far).

About the author: Núria Barnolas is teaching English in Switzerland. Ms. Barnolas completed the 250-hour TESOL Diploma and she is currently taking the 20-hour TEYL course

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