Teaching Conversational English in Mexico

Teaching English Conversation in MexicoWhen I taught Conversational English classes in Mexico, I found that a good way to engage students was to bring in an interesting topic. I would choose topics from current events or polarizing issues – the issue was always important because I would rely on my students to form opinions about certain topics.

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Traveling in Mexico as an ESL Teacher

TESOL Mexico Traveling

There is no train system in Mexico, apart from a line in the north that serves tourists and is more of a trip in itself than transportation. That leaves you with three options: drive, take a bus, or fly.

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TESOL Expert Mexico: Learn Spanish!


TESOL Mexico - Learn Spanish

Welcome to Mexico, and congratulations on your new job(s)! You might find yourself with classes in the morning, classes in the evening, and a big space of time in the afternoon while everyone takes their 2-4 hour lunch break. What to do on your spare time?

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TEFL Visa Part 3

In my previous two blogs I described the process of applying for the FM3 visa. Organize your documents, look at the website, find out where the immigration office in your state is (probably the capital), get as much info as you can, and then dress nice and go to the office with all your paperwork and more.

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TEFL Visa for Mexico, Applying for the FM3 (pt 2)

Since April 30, 2010, the resident card you get comes with a letter which states that you can work anywhere in a specific field, such as education or engineering. With the card and letter you can work wherever you want in the field of education. This is a new change, which is great, because once you get the card you aren’t stuck teaching at the job that hires you, and you can quit or take a second or even third job. Also, it allows you to work anywhere in the country, not just the state of the school that hired you.

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TEFL Mexico: Applying for the FM3 (pt 1)

FM3 visa Teach English in MexicoSo now you’ve interviewed all over town, weighed your options, and finally chosen a job. Now for the really fun part – applying for your FM3 temporary residence card.

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TESOL Mexico: What You Need to Bring

TESOL Mexico what to bring to teach English in MexicoSo you’ve chosen a city and are ready to go look for a TESOL job in Mexico. You will need:

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TESOL Mexico: Going it Alone

TESOL jobs mexico applying on your ownEven if you don´t speak Spanish, don´t rule out flying to Mexico and searching for a job by yourself. Without Spanish, getting information about schools may be a little tricky, but once you are through the door, the receptionist and the person who interviews you will almost certainly speak English.

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TESOL Jobs Mexico: Online Job Search vs Moving to Mexico

Finding the right TESOL job in MexicoTo find the right TESOL job in Mexico you need patience, manners, and good advice. The same goes for the job search. Never lose your temper. You need to develop a reputation as an easygoing person – along with the more obvious traits of diligence and respectability. If your boss and coworkers see that you can accept illogical situations and react with understanding when encountering problems, opportunities will present themselves to you.

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My TESOL Journey: Teaching English in Mexico

My TESOL Career – ESL Teacher in Mexico

In the summer of 2002, about a month after graduating university and a week after the first ever Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee, I flew to Korea to teach ESL in an industrial suburb of Seoul. Possessing only about 200 cash and a backpack full of clothes and camping gear, I was fortunate to work for a good school run by an honest, helpful boss – not the case for many in the same circumstance.

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