TESOL Teacher Review: Teaching English in Hong Kong

 Teach English in Hong Kong! OnTESOL graduate reviews teaching abroad in Hong KongTeaching English as a second language is a rewarding career because of the transformation you witness as your students improve their English skills. I am very passionate about teaching ESL students because I love the English language!

Saby is currently teaching English in Hong Kong. She is a graduate of OnTESOL’s 120-hour Advanced TESOL certificate.

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English Teaching Jobs in Hong Kong: Language Institutes and NETs

Teaching English in Hong Kong If you’re looking to begin a TESOL career in Asia, Hong Kong is arguably one of the easiest places to do so; whether you’d like to join an organization or begin a career independently, there is never a shortage of English-teaching jobs in this bustling metropolitan hub.

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Teaching Multi-Level ESL Lessons in Hong Kong

TESOL Certification Hong KongWhen you are in charge of teaching a large group of ESL students, one major aspect that you must consider is the students’ English levels. It is highly unlikely that all of your students will be at the same place in their English learning, so it is very important to recognize and address the varying abilities in your classroom. Students who aren’t working at their appropriate level struggle to learn the material and are easily distracted from the task at hand, so it is essential to provide them with material that suits their abilities.

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Teaching English in Hong Kong: Classroom Management Techniques for Large Classes

Teaching English in Hong Kong: Classroom Management Techniques for Large ClassesWhen you are confronted with a class of thirty odd students in a single ESL lesson, the prospect of classroom management can be a little daunting. In classes this large, there are two types of classroom management that you need to deal with: the first is maintaining the behavior and interest of the class as a whole, and the second is dealing with disruptive students.

       –TESOL Certification with Young Learners Specialist for Hong Kong

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