Teach English in Shenzen, ChinaTeaching English with IEduKids in China has its benefits, from working flexible hours, to sharing resources with a supportive and friendly teaching team to living in an innovative and cosmopolitan city! Read on to find out the top 4 reasons to teach English with IEduKids in Shenzen, China.

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 Teach English in Hong Kong! OnTESOL graduate reviews teaching abroad in Hong KongTeaching English as a second language is a rewarding career because of the transformation you witness as your students improve their English skills. I am very passionate about teaching ESL students because I love the English language!

Saby is currently teaching English in Hong Kong. She is a graduate of OnTESOL’s 120-hour Advanced TESOL certificate.

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EPIK Review: Teaching English in South Korea with EPIK

Teaching English with EPIK is a great opportunity because they connect you with other foreign teachers from the first week you arrive in South Korea. The orientation helps to prepare you to teach, introduce you to new friends, and encourages you by showing you your purpose as an ESL teacher in Korea.  You are a part of a team and a bigger vision, with EPIK. You have so many people who want you to succeed and will help you to do so!

Kayla is a graduate of OnTESOL’s 120-hour Advanced TESOL certificate. She now teaches English in South Korea with EPIK.  Read more

TESOL job review: Teaching English abroad in TurkeyBeing an ESL teacher gives me the opportunity to travel the world and to have a job in almost every country. I also love how enriching and beautiful it is to teach a student something new, or something that he/she is not familiar with. 

I also enjoy making new friends from around the world and learning from new and different cultures.

It’s best to seize any opportunity which allows you to travel.  I teach English in Turkey or Izmit specifically, because of the diversity that exists in Turkish culture and the country’s beautiful history.

About the Author: Riad Mansouri is currently teaching English with American Life in Izmit, Turkey

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teaching English abroad - Experienced teacher abroadIf you intend on teaching English, you are on a good path. My advice is that you learn from others who have gone before you. Find out what they loved and loathed about teaching abroad, and what they wish they had done differently.  If I was to go back and start all over again, I would do three main things differently.

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