Is Teaching English in Costa Rica Right for You?

Come teach English in Costa RicaFind your place in the world! Costa Rica has beautiful landscapes with tropical rainforests, majestic volcanoes, and sandy beaches. The people are the friendliest in Latin America and the economy is very stable. You don’t need to compromise lifestyle with safety in Costa Rica because it is one of the safest countries in Latin America. Teaching English in Costa Rica is the best way to get a meaningful job that pays a decent living wage. Teach English in Costa Rica during your gap-year or pack your bags and move there for life!

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Teaching English and Traveling in Costa Rica

teaching english in Costa RicaTeaching English in Costa Rica is a lot of fun! I teach in-company Business English classes in San Jose, where many international businesses have their Latin America offices. They hire an ‘instituto’ to create the curriculum and send certified teachers. I am a freelance teacher and my employers send me all around San Jose to teach at various business parks. I prefer to teach Business English rather than children because the pay is better and I have flexible hours, so I have more money and time to travel in Costa Rica. In this blog, I’m going to share my experience and give you some teaching and traveling tips.

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