How to Prepare For Teaching Abroad in Chile

Teaching abroad - Teaching English in ChileI have been teaching English in Chilean Patagonia for just over three months now and I am contracted to be here until the end of November. I’m teaching in a country and continent that is a completely different from anything I have ever experienced.

Spencer completed the 120-hour TEFL certificate course with TEYL specialization

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Why I Chose to Volunteer in Chile

Teach abroad in Chile as a volunteerI had the idea of teaching abroad towards the end of college and my original intention was to teach in a Spanish speaking country because my minor is in Spanish language. While going through the process of interviewing for jobs in south Korea I realized that wasn’t where my heart was and a former professor of mine suggested a volunteer program for teaching English abroad in Chile. This was not a “pay to volunteer” program as it seems many of them are.  The process was simple: I had to apply to the program with my resume, letter of recommendation and then eventually got an interview with the volunteer center in Chile over the phone. If I was accepted then they would help me obtain all my documents and my visa, so I wouldn’t have to then interview for an actual placement within the country. I decided to be proactive during the process and began my 120 hour TEFL certification which was extremely effective as they noted during my interview.

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