3 Countries to Just Show Up and Start Teaching

Although China, Japan, and South Korea are the most popular teaching destinations because it is easy to get a teaching job with just a university degree and an accredited TESOL certificate, the recruitment process can take up to 4 months. Here is a list of countries where you can just show up and start teaching English!

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Teaching English Abroad in Colombia: Lifestyle and Tourism

Teach English in Colombia

On average, an ESL teacher working full-time in Colombia will make between $800 and $1500 (tax-free)per month, obviously depending on the school and the individual’s qualifications. Paid overtime is also a common option. This is more than enough to live a middle-class lifestyle with the opportunity to explore, travel, and treat yourself. A nice apartment in a major city will run you around $400, but there are plenty of cheaper options available to you, especially if you don’t mind sharing with a friend or co-worker.

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Teaching Abroad in Ecuador

Teaching English Abroad in EcuadorWhile the cost of living in Ecuador isn’t as cheap as some Southeast Asian countries, it is still ridiculously affordable compared to other Western countries. If you’re debt free, there is definitely a potential for saving or spending on travel, but you will not get monetarily rich by teaching here. It’s pretty easy to find an apartment for $200 per month, even in the capital of Quito. Plus, getting out and about to explore via public transportation will only run you about $1 per hour of travel! With such a compact landmass, you could get around all of Ecuador for much less than a single paycheck.

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Teaching Abroad and Traveling in Brazil

Teaching English and Traveling in BrazilThere are many types of lifestyles that one can have as an English teacher in Brazil, and the type of job that you take will play a huge role in this. Salaries for ESL teachers in Brazil are higher than those in a lot of other South American countries. If you arrive in the country with a bit of savings, spend a modest amount, and work around 25 hours per week, you’ll certainly be able to afford to live comfortably and still travel extensively. Teaching privates will only increase the flexibility in your work and play schedule. School teachers can earn around $10 per hour (give or take a few) and privates can run a student closer to $20 per hour. Smaller cities will prove less lucrative, but the cost of living will also be lower.

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Teaching Abroad in Peru

Teaching English in PeruThe solid salaries earned by ESL teachers in Peru combined with the low cost of living allow you to live a comfortable lifestyle. Wages start at around $500 a month, but experience and a TESOL certificate can earn you much more (over double, in fact). Considering the fact that you’ll only work around 25 hours a week – unless you take on more in private lessons- this is a pretty good deal that will allow you to have plenty of time to explore. A job at an international school or university will typically pay at least $20,000, which will allow you to actually save if you want to. Read: Types of Jobs and Requirements in Peru

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How Teaching Abroad Allows You To Travel the World

How teaching English abroad allows you to travel the worldOne of the greatest benefits of teaching abroad is giving yourself the opportunity to travel to countries that you probably would not have otherwise ever visited. Teaching English in a foreign country is different from teaching in an ordinary school in your home country. While teachers in North America and other Western countries often struggle with long hours, homework of their own, disgruntled parents, and salary disputes, ESL teachers abroad are often given somewhat of a golden ticket- that is, if they choose a country that is viable in this regard. Rather than accepting a position out of desperation for work, ESL teachers have the luxury of having more options and thus being more picky with teaching jobs. Of course, there will be certain schools, countries, and continents that will not provide you with the means to lead a lavish lifestyle. However, with a proper look and some disciplined planning, you’ll swiftly find yourself on the road less-traveled. Read: The Best Places to Teach and Travel

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The Best Way to Get Paid to Travel the World!

Teaching English is the best way to get paid to travel the worldTeaching abroad is the best way to get paid to travel the world. Teaching experience is not required and entry-level teachers can start at $30,000 per year plus accommodation. Not bad considering that you will only be working 29 hours a week! Flexible hours, paid holidays, and paid accommodation are just some of the reasons why teaching English is highly recommended for those who want to take a gap-year abroad.

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How Teaching English in Different Countries Changed My Life!

tucan1-200x300My first experience teaching abroad was back in 2009, when I packed my bags and moved to Costa Rica. I needed to get away and go on an adventure after four long years at university. The global economy had just collapsed and nobody was hiring anyway, so I thought I’d better take a year off to a sunny place rather than regret it later. This was the best decision I ever made! I continued teaching English all over the world, pursuing a meaningful career in Education while I traveled and earned a really good income.

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What is it Like to Teach English Abroad?

We interviewed some of our graduates to ask them what inspired them to teach English abroad and what were some of the challenges they had to overcome.  They told us amazing things about how they had to adapt to a new culture, how they learned to become a better teacher, and how friendly the locals are!

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Where Can I Teach and Travel with a TESOL Certificate?

Teach and travel with a TESOL certificate Teaching English as a second language (TESOL) is a very popular option for people who want to travel. The minimum requirement is a university degree and an internationally recognized TESOL certificate. You don’t need previous teaching experience or a teaching degree to go abroad! You can take an accredited TESOL certification in under 4 weeks and have the credentials to teach English in over 20 countries, earning more than $2,500 per month plus benefits such as free accommodation, airfare, health insurance, and paid holidays.

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