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TEFL Taiwan: Traveling

One of the finest features that Taiwan has to offer is its abundance of natural beauty. Taiwan’s older name, Formosa, means “Beautiful Island” in Portuguese. From Turtle Island in the north, to KenTing in the south, Taiwan is covered in richly dense, sub-tropical vegetation, which creates wondrous scenery just about everywhere you travel.

TESOL Taiwan: Job Hunting

How do you find the best TESOL job in Taiwan? By simply surfing the internet, the average international job-seeker might believe that finding a job will be a cinch. There are several job advertisements posted every day. This is good, to a certain extent.  Find TESOL / TEFL jobs on OnTESOL’s Taiwan Job Board!

TEFL Taiwan: Finding Accommodation

The first thing I recall fretting about, after making my decision to come to Taiwan, was housing. Plunging into a foreign country, head first, with no first-hand experience with local real estate, can be intimidating. A good deal of research should take place before any housing situation is formally agreed upon. Prospective renters should ideally […]

TEFL Taiwan: Adaptation

TEFL Taiwan By William Van Luven – Teaching English in Taiwan I came to Taipei, Taiwan, on August 27, 2010. After packing up and leaving home several times in the past decade, to travel and live abroad, I found this particular departure easier to deal with. In the past, this was not the case.