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TESOL Saudi Arabia: Using The Communicative Approach

Teaching English with the Communicative Approach has worked very well in Saudi Arabia.  One good thing at my college here is that we are not required to limit ourselves to the standard textbook in our classrooms. Try thinking of the textbook as only a tool or a starting point. I use my imagination to improve the […]

TESOL Saudi Arabia: Students, Co-Workers, and Challenges

My Saudi students remind me of people I have taught in the United States. There is no typical Saudi college student. You will find the more serious English student and the the inevitable class clown. As one would expect, there are many cultural differences. For instance, classes consist of all male or all female students. […]

TEFL Interview – What Do Saudi Employers Look For?

There are numerous steps to follow before one’s quest to teach English in Saudi Arabia becomes a reality. Don’t be surprised if some of the biggest challenges are encountered during the job interview. All your prior leg-work may be for naught, if you stumble seriously at this all-important stage.

TESOL Saudi Arabia: The Job Market

TESOL jobs in Saudi Arabia are generally excellent. School buildings are usually rather modern, and are most often well-maintained. (Pictured here is a wonderful open-air courtyard, contained within a classroom building at one Saudi college.) Rooms are generally swept out on a daily basis; this is actually a necessity because fine desert dust can blow […]

TEFL Saudi Arabia: Regions and Culture

Perhaps the best way to choose where to teach English in Saudi Arabia – in a physical sense – is to examine each of its regions individually: western, southern, eastern, and central. But first, an overview: the Arabian Peninsula is located in the extreme southwest corner of Asia, an area sometimes referred to as Asia […]

Saudi Work Visa for the ESL Teacher

The commercial or “visit” visa is designed for the businessman who might make multiple entries into Saudi Arabia over several months. It may be possible to teach in the Kingdom while carrying such a visa. However, you could find yourself crossing over into a neighboring country, every month or so, to keep your job and […]