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Teaching Large ESL Classes in South Korea

I worked with EPIK in both small and large class environments and I generally enjoyed teaching larger classes more. This article will explain more about class participation, working with the co-teacher, and how to discipline your students in large classes. -Read: Recommended TESOL Certification for South Korea–

EPIK: Co-Teaching in South Korea

When I found out I would be working with a co-teacher I was very excited, but also wary. Some of my friends had told me stories about standing in the corner of the room, only being called upon by their co-teacher to say something a few times per class, doing none of their own planning, […]

Teaching English in South Korea: Small Classes

Class sizes can vary dramatically in South Korea. Many teachers are placed in rural areas where they work at schools with less than twenty children in total, and class sizes of only three or four students. You could also end up working at a city school with hundreds of students, where the average class size […]

Teaching English with EPIK in Jeju Island, South Korea

  I was very lucky to get an EPIK placement in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. If you are teaching English on the mainland, you should definitely make a point of checking out Jejudo. It is the top honeymoon destination in Asia, and is often compared to Hawaii (though in the winter that comparison falls pretty flat). Jeju […]

EPIK Orientation Week and Cultural Tips

Hello teacher-travelers, welcome to Korea and the EPIK program! I came here six months ago and this was my first time moving to a new country, away from my family, my culture, my language, and my comfort zone. If you are also a first-timer like me, my immediate advice to you is: go with it; […]