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TESOL Spain: Fiesta of the Virgin Pilar

The fiesta of the Virgin Pilar falls on October 12th, which is also the day that Columbus set foot in America. Spanish fiestas are about eating, bar hopping with friends and family, and then more eating… and it all starts very early!


The food in Spain is incredible. I love the way they make things so simple yet so rich. Tapas, or pintxos, are a typical appetizer people have along with a glass of wine or a pint of beer. They consists of a crepe stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, and bacon, and then set on top of […]

TEFL Spain: Enjoying The Lifestyle

I love teaching English in Spain! Everything is so close. I have been to Portugal, France, and of course Spain. I would like to add Morocco, Germany, England, Ireland, and the Netherlands to that list. We will see how far the money from teaching gets me and if I have enough time. As of right […]

TESOL Spain: Getting Ready For The Hiring Season

Getting ready to teach English in Spain? October is when all English classes start in Spain. Everyone starts school in September, then the parents get settled in to the routines of getting their kids to school and to any type of extracurricular activities. Midway into September, their kids have a lot of English homework and […]

TEFL Spain: Private Tutoring

As far as teaching private lessons goes, I am relatively new but I can definitely say that I am learning quickly. I began posting flyers all over town on the stop signs, bus stops, cross walks, metro stop, and announcement boards. I think you really have to be strategic about where you put your flyers. […]

How I Found My First TESOL Job in Spain

Before I went to Spain I started planning. I booked my ticket and a few months in advance I began scouring the internet for TEFL or TESOL jobs in Spain. This search produced a staggering amount of results, so it was very time consuming to weed out the good from the bad.