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TESOL Parma: Culture, Tourism & Food

Emily is our TESOL Expert in Italy. She completed Ontesol’s 100-hour TESOL course in 2012. Parma has a lot to offer and the people that live here are quite happy. There is a rich tradition of theater and one can find productions ranging from modern dance to lyric opera to children’s theater. Teatro Regio, one of the […]

Teaching English To Young Learners in Italy

Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) is a growing industry in Italy because many parents are pushing their kids to learn English. This year, I am working for three different language schools and each has offered me courses teaching children. Read: How to Find an English Teaching Job in Italy

TESOL Italy: Teaching English in Emilia-Romagna

Italy is divided into twenty regions. Because of its long history, each region and even each small town may have many differences ranging from dialect to food specialties. My TESOL experience has been in Emilia-Romagna, so I will focus on what it is like to teach in this region. Read: Teach English in Italy Guide

TESOL Jobs in Italy

Job opportunities for English teachers in Italy are abundant. Once you work out any potential visa or residence permit issues, you will have no trouble finding work as a teacher, even with little to no experience. Italy has a very diverse TESOL industry and there are many options available, depending on your qualifications and work experience. […]