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TESOL Morocco: Adapt the Curriculum When Teaching Culture

While teaching English in Morocco I sometimes got bogged down by teaching an American curriculum in a country that had completely different customs, beliefs, and traditions. It was sometimes difficult for me to connect the lines for my students in the curriculum just because they didn’t grow up with the same background knowledge that American […]

OnTESOL Graduate: Making a Difference in West Papua

My name is Jasmine Togeretz and I work for the Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Center (RARCC) in West Papua, Indonesia. I teach English to several local Papuans who have been given the opportunity to train as dive guides for Papua Diving, a dive resort operating here in Raja Ampat. Papua Diving is sponsoring the […]

TEFL Turkey: Teaching Pronunciation and Grammar

In this TEFL Turkey blog, you will learn how to help your students overcome problems with pronunciation, articles, prepositions, and relative clauses.  Knowing what these are will enable you to recognize them when they occur and develop ways of helping students overcome such problems. -Study TEFL online!-

TEFL Turkey: Teaching Grammar

When it comes to teaching grammar in Turkey, you will find that grammatical structures are taught out of context and proficiency is measured through gap fill worksheets. You will find that students are used to a routine in which teachers give a particular rule using a lot of technical terminology and ask students to solve […]

Teaching English to University Students and Adult Learners in Turkey

Turkish society is going through a period of great transition and the population is experiencing many upheavals. Among these issues is an awareness of the increased opportunities available to those with a decent command of the English language. Consequently, there is a large demand for English teachers in universities and large companies. In this article, […]

TESOL Turkey: Teaching Young Learners and High School Students

If you are a recent TESOL graduate who is interested in teaching English in Turkey, you will see that most entry-level jobs involve teaching young learners or high school students. In this article, I will explore different approaches and techniques that you need to take into consideration with each age group. -Get your TESOL certification […]

Tapping the Local Vein: TESOL and the UAE’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Emiratis are highly proud of their culture and traditions. This provides ESL instructors many opportunities to take advantage of a fruitful synergy in the classroom. The government of the UAE, in fact, mandates that English teachers in ADEC schools actively incorporate an emphasis on the country’s cultural heritage. A little research will introduce you to the […]

6 Tips on Handling Your TESOL Job Interview in Turkey

Interviews for TESOL jobs in Turkey can fall anywhere along a scale from ‘you look Ok, can you teach a class starting an hour from now?’  to a full and detailed trawl through your entire work history. While both of these styles of questioning can and do occur, the majority of interviews will follow a […]

Traveling in Mexico as an ESL Teacher

There is no train system in Mexico, apart from a line in the north that serves tourists and is more of a trip in itself than transportation. That leaves you with three options: drive, take a bus, or fly. -Save up to $150 on your online TEFL certification course!-

TESOL Expert Mexico: Learn Spanish!

  Welcome to Mexico, and congratulations on your new job(s)! You might find yourself with classes in the morning, classes in the evening, and a big space of time in the afternoon while everyone takes their 2-4 hour lunch break. What to do on your spare time?