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Teaching in Spain: How TESOL Certification Will Help You

I found out pretty early on that I enjoyed teaching English in Spain more than the usual ‘do this for a year while on holiday’ gig, which you see often, so I knew I wanted to do a TESOL course that could give me some decent credentials and make me a better teacher. In this […]

How TESL Canada Helps the Canadian ESL Industry Thrive

By setting standards for teacher training certification, TESL Canada plays a very important role in building a reputable industry that attracts more than a hundred thousand of ESL students every year from all around the world.  This is evident by the rising number of boutique ESL schools in Canada. In this blog I will write […]

Get TESOL Certified to Teach English Conversation in Japan!

Teaching English Conversation classes in Japan can be challenging because discussions don’t spark very naturally. Japanese people are very social and friendly in their personal affairs, but in the classroom they do not speak until asked to speak by the teacher. This cultural behaviour can make an English Conversation class slow and boring. In this […]

Teaching English in Turkey After Your OnTESOL Certificate

Many language schools in Turkey have a variety of students from all walks of life. This results in a school with many levels, abilities and needs, all in different classrooms with schedules changing daily. The TESOL certification course I completed with OnTESOL provided me with the skills to generate lesson plans fit for any class […]

TESOL China: Using Games with A Linguistic Purpose

As a new ESL instructor in China, I quickly found that ESL games were great ice breakers. Prior to learning about the Communicative Approach, two of the games I used repeatedly in class were hangman and Pictionary. The students had a lot of fun trying to guess the letters and the drawings on the board, […]