Although China, Japan, and South Korea are the most popular teaching destinations because it is easy to get a teaching job with just a university degree and an accredited TESOL certificate, the recruitment process can take up to 4 months. Here is a list of countries where you can just show up and start teaching English!

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1- Teach Abroad in Germany

Teaching English Abroad Countries

Germany is the top destination in Europe for Australian and North American teachers. This is because the EU passport is not required to get the work visa. You can simply show up with a tourist visa and start teaching English! You can then go to the immigration office to process the one-year work visa with the job contract in your hand.

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2- Teach Abroad in Costa Rica

Teaching English Abroad in Latin AmericaThis is the preferred destination for North American teachers because it is less than 4 hours away on a direct flight. You can get there with a 3-month tourist visa that you process at the airport, apply for jobs and process the work visa as you go. Now that you can teach English online with companies such as VIPKID or GVE, it is easy to prove the immigration office that you have the minimum salary of US$2500 that you need to obtain your work visa in Costa Rica.

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3- Teach Abroad in Taiwan

Although there are many recruiters operating in Taiwan, it is better in the long term to skip the recruiter and apply for TESOL jobs on your own. You will end up with a higher salary and a much better apartment to live! The cost of living in Taiwan is low, so you can afford to spend the first two weeks adapting to jet lag and learning about the country and its culture.

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