10 Years Teaching English in New Zealand

Why did I come to New Zealand to teach English? Ten years ago, at home in Colorado, I answered an advert that was for a job in Human Resources. It read “Live and work in an English speaking paradise”, I would never have guessed that ten years later I would be teaching British English and Business English here in New Zealand. My first work visa was for a Human Resource specialist, now I can’t imagine doing anything but teaching. I have been fortunate to work for the same London owned school for ten years.

Teaching English in New Zealand

The choice to work in New Zealand is a lifestyle choice, you will not make your fortune here. The bad news: costs are very high for basics, such as food, clothing, and technology. The good news is that when I leave school each day within the hour I am body surfing and swimming on a pristine beach in lovely clear water, so maybe ‘English speaking paradise’ is not too far from reality.

More about teaching English New Zealand later! I’m off to catch the ferry to a beautiful island called Waiheke to visit another ESL teacher who lives there.

-Tianne completed OnTESOL’s 100-hour TESOL certificate

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