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5 Reasons to Teach English in Daegu, South Korea

I arrived in Daegu knowing nothing about it except that it had a population of around 2.5 million people. It wasn’t that there wasn’t information available on the internet, it was simply that I chose not to research where I was going. After a skiing accident in France in which I broke my back, I […]

10 Reasons to Teach English in Istanbul

The first reason to teach English in Istanbul is that it’s a great place for both new and experienced teachers. Although the size of the city may seem intimidating at first, relocating to a big place does have its advantages for newbies. In this massive metropolis, it’s fairly easy to blend in and get acclimated, […]

How to Be a Vegetarian in South Korea

One of the best parts of teaching English abroad is getting the opportunity to go on culinary adventures and try unique foods. This can certainly still be the case for vegetarians, but it does require a bit more care and stealth when trying to figure out just what ingredients are in different dishes. In South […]

10 Reasons to Teach English in South Korea

The first reason to teach English in South Korea is that it is very easy to get a job, especially if you’re a first-time teacher. Learning English is mandatory in South Korean public schools, meaning there is a huge demand for native speakers to teach. English is highly valued in their culture as well, to […]

A Guide to Teaching English in Turkey as a Vegetarian

Food is a big concern for vegetarian teachers, especially when it comes to traveling outside the big city. Although Turkey is a meat-loving country known throughout the rest of the world for its famous kebabs, it also happens to be a vegetarian’s heaven on Earth. Even the locals may sometimes be confused when you make […]

The Best Way to Get Paid to Travel the World!

Teaching abroad is the best way to get paid to travel the world. Teaching experience is not required and entry-level teachers can start at $30,000 per year plus accommodation. Not bad considering that you will only be working 29 hours a week! Flexible hours, paid holidays, and paid accommodation are just some of the reasons […]

What is it Like to Teach English Abroad?

We interviewed some of our graduates to ask them what inspired them to teach English abroad and what were some of the challenges they had to overcome.  They told us amazing things about how they had to adapt to a new culture, how they learned to become a better teacher, and how friendly the locals […]

Find the Best TESOL Job in 3 Easy Steps

Your first TESOL job may open the door to an exciting international career. Teaching English abroad is not just for the young university graduate who wants to travel for a year. Over 60% of gap-year teachers renew their contract!  Many of our graduates are teaching and traveling all over the world. Some have even opened […]