TESOL Thailand: Using American Sign Language to Teach English to Young Learners

TESOL Thailand - Teaching English to Young Learners in ThailandI will always remember the time my 4-year-old Thai student, Queen, shouted “one more time!” when she wanted to sing the “If You’re Happy and You Know It” song again. If I hadn’t been searching for an interesting way to teach vocabulary, I may never have stumbled on the American Sign Language method.

 -Jenny completed the 120-hour TEFL certificate course with TEYL specialization-

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Teaching English at a University in Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand University jobsThere are three main types of universities to teach English in Thailand. The first one is a Thai university that offers English classes, a Thai university that has an international college, and a foreign (Ie. American) university with a campus here in Thailand. I have had the privilege of teaching at both an international college of a Thai university and a Thai university that has English electives for their students, and I have observed two interesting points: The students are at different levels within the same class, and engaging students is a huge challenge.

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Teaching at Language Schools in Thailand

Teaching English in ThailandThere are hundreds of language schools in Thailand – maybe more. A great number of them are in the capital, Bangkok. My advice to those who want to teach English in Thailand can be summed up in four words: presentation, enjoyability, methodology, and hours. Keep in mind that this is solely based on one teacher’s observations of a few language schools out of hundreds.

 -Thailand TESOL: Online TESOL certification courses by OnTESOL!-

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TESOL China: My First Day on The Job

TESOL China: The First Day TeachingBy Jonathan Caulk – 100-hour TESOL certificate

When I first stepped into the classroom in China, after tripping over the metal threshold, I felt dizzy and panicky. I hadn’t taught anything to anyone in my life. The closest thing to teaching on my resume was a promotion gig which involved standing in the parking lot of an amusement park, promoting a brand of drinkable yogurt. But, here I stood behind a podium which was about a foot too short for my skinny, 191 cm frame, about to teach a class of twenty-eight Chinese college freshman! What did I do? Well, I pawed at the first page of the first lesson with my sweaty hands, and…

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Managing Class Behaviour in Turkey

Teaching English in Turkey OnTESOL ReviewTurkey is a beautiful country and the culture is fascinating. The schools are new with smart boards in every classroom. If teachers bring laptops, they can use them for lessons. The Turkish staff seems genuinely interested in helping the English program succeed. They ask for input on a regular basis with the goal of improving their relationship with foreigners and making Turkey a desirable placement for ESL teachers. In this blog, I will share some valuable classroom management tips.

By Jennifer Meeks – Completed the 120-hour TEFL certificate course with TEYL specialization  

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Q&A With OnTESOL Graduate Teaching English in Italy

Teaching English in ItalyGiovanna Cardi has been teaching English in Italy since 2011 and she completed the 120-hour TEFL certificate course with OnTESOL in 2014. We asked her to tell us a little about her experience as an ESL teacher in Italy in order to help new teachers prepare for the job. In this Q&A, Giovanna answered everything that new teachers wonder about the job hunting process and she told us how studying for her TESOL certification helped her become a better teacher.

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