Why I Chose to Volunteer in Chile

Teach abroad in Chile as a volunteerI had the idea of teaching abroad towards the end of college and my original intention was to teach in a Spanish speaking country because my minor is in Spanish language. While going through the process of interviewing for jobs in south Korea I realized that wasn’t where my heart was and a former professor of mine suggested a volunteer program for teaching abroad in Chile. This was not a “pay to volunteer” program as it seems many of them are.  The process was simple: I had to apply to the program with my resume, letter of recommendation and then eventually got an interview with the volunteer center in Chile over the phone. If I was accepted then they would help me obtain all my documents and my visa, so I wouldn’t have to then interview for an actual placement within the country. I decided to be proactive during the process and began my 120 hour TEFL certification which was extremely effective as they noted during my interview.

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TESOL China: Using Games with A Linguistic Purpose

TESOL China: Using games with a linguistic purposeAs a new ESL instructor in China, I quickly found that ESL games were great ice breakers. Prior to studying the communicative theory, two of the games I used repeatedly in class were hangman and Pictionary. The students had a lot of fun trying to guess the letters and the drawings on the board, desperately shouting one word guesses again and again. When class energy ebbed, they rekindled enthusiasm by shifting the student’s dependence on me, the teacher, to one another in a team effort. These games did little to improve their spoken English and didn’t tie into the lesson plans.

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TESOL Thailand: Using American Sign Language to Teach English to Young Learners

TESOL Thailand - Teaching English to Young Learners in ThailandI will always remember the time my 4-year-old Thai student, Queen, shouted “one more time!” when she wanted to sing the “If You’re Happy and You Know It” song again. If I hadn’t been searching for an interesting way to teach vocabulary, I may never have stumbled on the American Sign Language method.

 -Jenny completed the 120-hour TEFL certificate course with TEYL specialization-

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Teaching English at a University in Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand University jobsThere are three main types of universities to teach English in Thailand. The first one is a Thai university that offers English classes, a Thai university that has an international college, and a foreign (Ie. American) university with a campus here in Thailand. I have had the privilege of teaching at both an international college of a Thai university and a Thai university that has English electives for their students, and I have observed two interesting points: The students are at different levels within the same class, and engaging students is a huge challenge.

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Teaching at Language Schools in Thailand

Teaching English in ThailandThere are hundreds of language schools in Thailand – maybe more. A great number of them are in the capital, Bangkok. My advice to those who want to teach English in Thailand can be summed up in four words: presentation, enjoyability, methodology, and hours. Keep in mind that this is solely based on one teacher’s observations of a few language schools out of hundreds.

 -Thailand TESOL: Online TESOL certification courses by OnTESOL!-

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